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Capturing the decisive moment ...

My name is Ali Zabihollah, I am a documentary style photographer based here in London, United Kingdom. Photography has been a key part of my life since 2002. Starting with my first film camera, I discovered the power & the beauty of the captured image. Ever since then I have been trying to reproduce that feeling or moment in all of my work, whether for clients, personal projects or collaborations. I have photographed extensively all over the world & have captured fleeting moments with my camera. I have met many interesting people along the way & enjoyed immersing myself in their customs & cultures. I hope to continue to share that journey with you.

Client Portfolio includes: 
BBC, Nike, News International, Star TV, Imaggio Interiors, Ukai Restaurant Chain, Saporitalia Restaurant, Coco Nail Bar, Ancienne Ambiance Fragrances.

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